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Your selected unit or house and its location give you a grand and prime living but Americana doesn’t stop there. The amenities included have a magnificent view, recreational areas, best service and even more. It gives you the opportunity to have a healthy, proactive lifestyle within your very own neighborhood. Sweep away all the noise and pollution of city life with the eco-friendly environment of the residence. You are welcomed by an enchanting grand entrance. Pamper your eyes with a scenic view of the themed-garden parks, al-fresco garden style view deck, picturesque landscaping, promenade, and the elegant musical fountain. These are decorated with different species of trees and plans and expert man-made designs. You may walk around or have a refreshing gaze of the area. Experience a luxurious leisure and fun time whether it is a bright, sunny or wet, rainy day in the Clubhouse. Club Americana has exclusive membership.

Have the amusing indoor experience. Cool down or enjoy a splash with the adult and kiddie swimming pools inside for all ages. There are also aquatic conveniences. Give yourself that well deserved break as you go back home. Be carefree and have the summer vacation feeling anytime of the year. Be entertained and watch movies in the mini theatre house. Have a peaceful learning time in the mini library for the book lover in you. There is also a learning center for dedicate and diligent students that wants to have full focus and peaceful environment. Take a closer step in loving your body. Keep a healthy shape with the health and wellness facility. There is also an activity center for events and programs. If you are someone who prefers to explore the outdoors there is jogging path you can run or have stroll anytime of the day. You can up your game in terms of your fitness routine in the park with yoga to give your mind and body a stronger sense of harmony. Invite family and friends the play court or practice with your sports team. There are also other sports facilities. There is also a children’s playground for little kids play and meet new friends while parents get a chance to rest. It is also have a perimeter fence and 24 hour security system.  You can have all of these within your community just outside your doorstep and many more. All of these are provided to you gives you not just a basic necessity of having a home but giving you better avenues to have a healthy physical state, socialize and have get-togethers, and good mental state brought by world-class design driven by excellence and passion

  • Gated Community
  • Promenade
  • Club Americana
  • Grand Entrance
  • Circulo Fontana
  • Scenic Landscaping
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Aquatic Conveniences
  • Wellness Center
  • Theater, Library, and Lounge Bar
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
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